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Discover the magic of Maaÿaz, where tradition meets modern elegance in every shimmering piece. Our jewelry brand pays homage to the exquisite art of “Sfifa” - the traditional weaving of gold threads that grace the finest Moroccan caftans. 

Founded by sisters with a deep connection to their craft, Maaÿaz transforms this noble material into contemporary, dazzling, and durable jewelry that captures the essence of Moroccan heritage. 

Each enchanting creation is meticulously designed by our Co-founders and lovingly handcrafted in our Casablanca workshop by skilled artisans who pour their talent and passion into every detail.


THE Founders

Established with headquarters in Rabat, our brand is powered by the dynamic collaboration of sisters Zineb & Rim.

Zineb based in New York City, serves as the co-founder and designer, infusing each Maaÿaz piece with her natural artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail, drawing inspiration from Moroccan aesthetics and culture.

On the other hand, Rim, our CEO and co-founder, resides primarily in Rabat, where she leverages her expertise in e-commerce marketing to oversee brand development, marketing strategies and sales with Maaÿaz’s team. 

While Zineb directs the design process, Rim works closely with artisans in our Casablanca atelier, embodying our brand’s commitment to honoring tradition while embracing innovation. Together, as sisters and business partners, they steer our brand towards excellence, weaving together the threads of heritage and modernity to create pieces that resonate with timeless elegance and authenticity.


In the heart of Casablanca, a city where a rich tapestry of fabrics weaves stories of tradition, each of our pieces at Maaÿaz is lovingly handcrafted. Our artisans skilfully weave "Sfifa", a material steeped in Moroccan tradition and heritage, using gold thread in a time-honored craft technique.

Traditionally adorning the elegant Moroccan caftan, "Sfifa" embodies a sense of nobility and symbolism unique to our culture.

Our dedicated artisans, experienced seamstresses renowned for their meticulous caftan-making skills, infuse their expertise into every piece. Inspired by this heritage, Maaÿaz's founding sisters have reinvented "Sfifa" to create contemporary, radiant and enduring jewelry, honoring the artistry and skills that define Moroccan tradition.

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