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Summer Essentials

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Why you should love our jewelry?

Made of gold threads

All our pieces are made of skalli gold threads.

In Morocco, it's called "sfifa" (braided trimmings of gold skalli threads) and it's tradionnally used to embroider the Moroccan dress called the Kaftan.

Ethically handmade

All our pieces are ethically handmade by talented artisans in our atelier in Casablanca, Morocco.


The fabric is waterproof so you don't have to worry about wearing your jewelry all the time.

The must-have

Designed to make your life easier and your hands-free. The phone strap gets easily attached to any phone case and is adjustable to any length thanks to a moving knot.

  • Salima

    "I love love love your work! Bravo, simply waw. I did not imagine it would be so well finished worth every penny!"

  • Céline

    "I love my bracelet! Continue your creations! You know how to highlight the beauty of Moroccan crafts."

  • Zahra

    "The phone strap has changed my life as I lose and break my phones all the time, very very very practical and pretty! Great for active women and moms who multitask!"

  • Ophélie

    "Thank you also for the "little extras" (the name of the craftsman, the hours he spent making it, the care tips ...) that make this jewelry even more unique."

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