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18k Gold & Gemstones Necklaces

18k Gold & Gemstones Necklaces

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Main color
Main color
Dahlia NecklaceDahlia Necklace
Dahlia Necklace Sale price$225.00
Maxi Anela NecklaceMaxi Anela Necklace
Maxi Anela Necklace Sale price$200.00
Lily NecklaceLily Necklace
Lily Necklace Sale price$185.00
Lobelia NecklaceLobelia Necklace
Lobelia Necklace Sale price$185.00
Anela Necklace
Anela Necklace Sale price$185.00
Aurora Necklace 18k GoldAurora Necklace 18k Gold
Aurora Necklace 18k Gold Sale price$375.00
Daisy Necklace 18k GoldDaisy Necklace 18k Gold
Daisy Necklace 18k Gold Sale price$374.00
Azir Necklace 18k Gold
Azir Necklace 18k Gold Sale price$375.00
Daisy Necklace
Daisy Necklace Sale price$200.00
Zina Necklace 18k GoldZina Necklace 18k Gold
Zina Necklace 18k Gold Sale price$310.00
Eli Necklace 18k GoldEli Necklace 18k Gold
Eli Necklace 18k Gold Sale price$310.00
Rose Necklace 18k GoldRose Necklace 18k Gold
Rose Necklace 18k Gold Sale price$395.00
One Maxi II Joher Necklace with FlowerOne Maxi II Joher Necklace with Flower
Maxi Joher Necklace w/ flowerMaxi Joher Necklace w/ flower
Sold outJoher Necklace w/ flowerJoher Necklace w/ flower
Joher Necklace w/ flower Sale price$215.00
Sold outMaxi II Joher NecklaceMaxi II Joher Necklace
Maxi II Joher Necklace Sale price$200.00
One Joher NecklaceOne Joher Necklace
One Joher Necklace Sale price$108.00
One Mini Joher NecklaceOne Mini Joher Necklace
One Mini Joher Necklace Sale price$108.00
Two Mini Joher NecklaceTwo Mini Joher Necklace
Two Mini Joher Necklace Sale price$160.00
Maxi Joher NecklaceMaxi Joher Necklace
Maxi Joher Necklace Sale price$185.00
Joher Necklace
Joher Necklace Sale price$195.00